Penciltown Errata & Updates

Updates are free. Follow the link from wherever you bought the game to find your new files, or just print or write down the errata if you don't want to re-print the whole rulebook.

1.1 changes



Corrected typo in 3. Steps of a round -> Step 1: Event. A roll of 3 (not 2) prompts a World Intrudes event.

Added map names to the playsheet document. They are, in order: Peaceful Meadow, Secluded Glade, and Sundered Highland.

Clarified under Damage that a damaged building can fulfil prerequisites.

Clarified TDR calculation in 2.6 Attacks.

Fixed an impossible Objective. Whoops. (2,2: from 30 to 26.)

Switched document from double-carriage-return to padded-paragraphs and tweaked font sizes because I'm a masochist to retain pagination.


Fixed some inconsistent heading styles.

Clarified under Demolish that prerequisites are only checked at build time. If you lose your Forager's Hut, you keep your Farm.

Added reminder to gain applicable terrain bonuses to Construct's Quick Reference.

Added don't-number-this and no-free-population-required reminders to Perimeter Defences in the Building Reference.

Added reminder under Upgrade that terrain discounts don't apply.

Added tip under Feature (Road) that the Engineers' Guild lets you build more roads.

Corrected terminology under Objective 5,6.

Adjusted Training Grounds wording to be consistent.

Added reminders for Perimeter Defence damage to Construct and Quick Reference.

Numbered the four Steps on the Quick Reference for clarity.

Various small improvements.